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Getting to Know Marleane Scott

Blue Line
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Whether it's from high in the air in their plane or down on the ground on a hike, Marleane and John enjoy everything about the Carson Valley Lifestyle.

Breathe it in. The crisp, clean air is truly invigorating. The history, energy and spirit of the people is simply inspiring. The opportunities are endless. There’s an undeniable effect that the Carson Valley area has on people. There’s something in the air here that makes you want to make the most of life.

Just ask Marleane Scott. She’s lived in the Carson Valley area since 1981 and knows what makes life here so great. Those who know Marleane will tell you that, like the area she loves, she is a breath of fresh air herself. Her positive energy and enthusiastic smile are reflective of the spirit of Carson Valley.

Whether it’s taking a hike in the mountains, chuker hunting, sharing time with her two schnauzers, flying over the breathtaking landscape with her husband, John, in their plane or working on her paintings, Marleane is a woman who is focused on making every moment count.

A Driven Family

Marleane’s determined personality doesn’t stop at her hobbies, though. A proven business owner with a savvy approach, creative mind and keen eye for detail, she helps others make the most of their opportunities in the Carson Valley through her long running career as a real estate professional. In fact, this kind of impact in the community runs in the family. Her husband is one of the area’s premier insurance professionals and her son, Frank, is one of the area’s most respected dentists.

A Refreshing Approach

Marleane’s clients will tell you that she is indeed a breath of fresh air in Carson Valley real estate. Her vast experience, local knowledge and business acumen ensure you make informed investment decisions throughout every facet of your home purchase or sale. Her upbeat personality, patience, creativity and refreshingly personal care make her a genuine pleasure to work with.

When you work with Marleane, you know you are in good hands every step of the way. You can rest assured your real estate needs and goals will be expertly handled by a proven professional who cares about your success and is driven to help you get the most out of your experience and your property.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Marleane is owner and founder of M. Scott Properties and takes great pride in her role as an ambassador to the Carson Valley community. Having been a care-giver to special needs children for 6 years at Gardnerville Elementary, she knows the importance of listening, patience and personally guiding people, one step at a time, to success. Marleane believes you get what you put into life.

With more than 19 years in Carson Valley real estate, building a company from scratch with property management and leading sales agents, she has certainly put a lot into making a lasting impact in this area. When you add it all up, it’s easy to see why so many people count on Marleane for the ultimate service in the ultimate setting.

If you are buying or selling a home in the Carson Valley, turn to A Breath of Fresh Air in local real estate. Contact Marleane Scott today and discover the difference for yourself.

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Marleane takes the time to understand your needs, then focuses her energy, insight and care on helping you make the most of your home buying or selling opportunities in the Carson Valley